How to handle “Anger”


In many situations, our hearts raze with anger and we cannot control ourselves. Anger is one of the worst emotions. Why do we get angry? When we have some expectations and when they are unfulfilled with respect to a person or place or situation, we become cranky. Everyone born on this planet has their own views and plans. All men can never have one mindset. Every individual is born with unique mindset. So contradiction in life is inevitable. In some situations, we feel we are correct. Yet the other persons involved in the scenario disagree with us. Here though we are on the right track, we need to listen to others. Patience is the crux to handle such situations. The secret of life lay in the statement “Live happily without hurting self and others”. Undue desires in life make men cranky. We have to correctly assess ourselves and should keep our desires in limit. Goutama Buddha identified “desires” as the prime cause of sorrow and unfulfilled desires create anger, frustration and all sorts of malefic thoughts. One has to keep desires in realistic range and lead life with bliss and contentment.

Mind is the prime game player. Mind explains and dictates us to take action. We oblige mind’s direction without much hesitation. Mind is like a child. It is hectic and loves pleasure oriented activities. Like water it is attracted towards easier and fun-loving tasks. Mind is influenced by six temptations viz- lust, anger, greed, delusory emotional attachment or temptation, pride, hubris, envy and jealousy. To control such haughty mind philosophy is the best medicine. If a child is taught philosophy at young age, he becomes calm, can lead life in a best way. He becomes efficient in handling any work or relation. He can handle his temperament in a best way so that everyone involved in his life becomes happy.

One of the tricks philosophy teaches is to see the situation as it is without self-involvement. It trains person to be detached in the world of attachments, yet perform his duties cheerfully and live with contentment. When a tough situation arises just watch it, give it some time and then react. In this way we can keep our temper in control. Don’t be an autocrat and dictate people. Respect others views along with yours and take the best suited solution. Have patience and be diplomatic. Stop shouting impulsively. Think and respond at every stage of life and circumstance. Inculcate interest towards philosophy and implement it in real life. Leading life with little care will solve the problem of having “Anger”.

All cheers. Let the divine light help you surpass six temptations. Let the glory of Lord live through you.


Power of concentration

On a bright sunny day, in a class room a serious lecture class is going on…Suddenly lecturer calls a student and asks him a question. The student sees around and realizes that he is in a classroom. Engulfed by thoughts he is completely lost until he is awakened by lecturer’s call. Why often this happens?  Some students can listen and answer well and some cannot. One known answer is: it is the matter of interest. Some people do have interest but they cannot concentrate over subject matter. It is said  Swami Vivekananda enjoyed photographic memory. He used to read books very fast and able to answer any question from those books whenever and wherever he is asked. To achieve any task we need concentration. We need to focus on the set target and plan things. For planning, organizing and implementing we need to concentrate on our objectives. Seers identify meditation as the tool to improve concentration. Here is Soham Meditation. Select a quiet place, sit comfortably, and relax with spine straight. Gently close your eyes. Chant Om thrice. Observe your breath for a while. Feel the serenity. Chant mentally soo while inhaling and ham while exhaling. Repeat this breathing pattern for 15 to 20 minutes. Observe yourself for a while. Say om thrice. Gently rub your eyes and open your eyes. This meditation enhances concentration power and blesses you with peace.

In Hinduism Mother Goddess Saraswathi mantra improves concentration and bestows knowledge to the devotees who pray her and chant her mantra. Almost all Sri Vidya blesses practitioners with knowledge. Many people use Guru Mantra to achieve all targets. Through recitation of mantra one’s brain pattern is restructured and they start thinking a fresh and new.

Presence of mind is necessary for the success of any task accomplishment. We have many tasks to do and time is finite. In this demanding world often we forget things. We need to clear clogs in the mind and fill it with fresh energy to enhance its power. For that we can do intention healing. Just place intention and bless yourself with peace and bliss. Here is a symbol called concentration power. By placing it over the Agna Chakra of a person his concentration levels improve.

Symbol of Concentration 


Have concentration and enjoy every work you perform and have bliss and success. Divine almighty blessings to one and all.


Physical body sustains through food. People give importance to type of food we consume as it is the energy giver. Some food items are allergic to some people and some were denied by doctors on imagesmedical grounds. We are what we eat and think. Nature cure therapists insist on satwick food which doesn’t contain any spices and chilies. Ancient scriptures also insist on good food. In this article I wish to discuss about cleaning food before we consume. These days we hear many cases of cancer and many unidentified diseases. So it became essential to cleanse food before we consume to keep our body fit and mind healthy. Now the point here is…   How to cleanse food?

Method 1

We need to chant any holy mantra while preparing food. The vibration of the mantra will be absorbed in the food items and they will get purified. There is one story… in that a Brahmin visits a family, takes the biksha(alms) and eats the food offered to him. After that his mind starts haunting him with all worries, anxieties and bad thoughts. Wise Brahmin, being a sadhaka ponders in deep meditation and finds the roots cause that the house wife is in agony. He calls her and asks about her grief and offers remedies. This small story shows the food and its impact over mind. So it is important to prepare food with divine and pure thoughts.

Method 2

Before taking food and water, we have to offer it to God/Guru/holy person and take it as a prasad. Why all this? A prasad differs from general food as it is offered to divine and is filled with divine blessings. So, that food offers sanctity to people. We hear many stories in Datta charitha and Holy Sai Baba’s life story that many lives were rescued and were blessed with vibhuti(sacred ash) prasad. They were written in literature as miracles. God is exposed through disciples’ lives and miracles happen in their lives.

Method 3 

There are symbols in Reiki healing system. The healer can use the divine Reiki symbols to cleanse the food items and can charge it with good positive divine energy.

Along with food we need to do some physical exercises to keep our physical system fit. Exercises will strengthen chakras and auras thereby the person becomes very strong. So let us all do food cleansing before we consume it in order to enjoy healthy life.


Building Relations

images (1)

Every human being’s life is governed by relations. An infant also has emotions. Every relation invokes some kind of emotion in one’s life. Love governs life. Some relations brings happiness and some unhappiness. One of the important relations is wife and husband relation. In case of problem in this relation, how to build/repair such relation?

One needs introspection regarding one’s behavior. Every individual is born free and has got one thinking brain and no two thinking patterns are alike. There are some differences in the view, handing issues. Lack of mutual understanding and respect towards other’s point of view are one of the important causes for this relational crisis. Trust, mutual understanding are the cardinal points in building a relation,

The process

Sit in a quiet place. Meditate upon your favorite Guru or God. Assume the two persons in distress, Seek their higher self permission for healing the endangered relation. Cleanse both persons chakras and auras. Match the chakras and assume light is connecting their respective chakras. Then visualize their auras are connected with light. Pray the cosmos for a pink color ball which is filled with love and light. Cover the two physicals with that ball and place an intention that these two persons are friendly and their relation is filled with love and light. Repeat this exercise till good results surface in the case.

May all be blessed with love, light and prosperity.

Expand yourself universally

The knowledge is passed on through generations through guru parampara. They followed the method of ‘sharing and spreading’ the knowledge to enhance the quality of human life. Coming to our human life- it is full of problems, difficulties, sorrows, anxieties and worries. Knowledge is the best way to deal with life’s perennial problems. Knowledge improves our thinking capabilities and with its help we understand life in a better way.

Two aspects in life that are to be dealt with wisdom are ‘mind and knowledge’. With our mind we learn and knowledge assimilates into our life pattern and the same mind is the one, which is prone to worries and anxieties and exposes us to the same. It is a boon if we effectively utilize mind. Perception and interpretation are two aspects of mind. In a given situation, two individuals understand and interpret one incident in two different ways. Perception and interpretation of mind plays a key role here. After all, to live peacefully, we must know the art of handling our mind in an effective way. That’s nothing but art of living. Mind, like a sharp knife helps as well as hurts also. In the process of handling it, we must understand its nature and network of flow and working, so that we can handle it efficiently. Psychologists wrote many volumes about its functioning. Leaving aside the whole technical things let us see this aspect in a very simple way. For example: If we are worried and stressed out then it reflects in our physical system and we become sick. So, peace of mind is important for maintaining good health. To have peace of mind in this fast track world, it is always advisable to do spiritual practices like meditation, recitation of any mantra, pranayam etc., to cool the agitated mind.

Mind can be calmed by the below said practices:

Sit in a meditative posture. Recite any mantra/guru mantra silently for half an hour. You will find serenity and the burning mind’s thoughts are calmed. You will find peace of mind.

Sit in a meditative posture, spine straight and body relaxed and just observe. Many thoughts good/bad will come and go. Observe them. Be a spectator to your mind. After all the thoughts were vanished, a calm state arrives. In this process you will understand your mind flow. Surprisingly the low and high states of mind can be understood in this process. By understanding the mind one can effectively use it in their life span.

Along with good diet, exercises, if one absorbs himself/herself in the activity of their interest, the agitated and problematic mind attains a calm state, because interests suck up the sick and negative mind.

Learn Pranayam(Breathing Exercise) from any Guru (Master) and practice it regularly.  Pranayam presents a human being with health, mental peace and leads an individual to ultimate liberation also

Mind is always active. It has its own ways and means. When we are free and alone it comes out and strikes us with many questions, pros and cons of situations, dreams of future, assesses the present, dwells and broods into the past. What is life? Why we are here? In our small life boundary, we forget everything and deeply get attached to our problems, position and relations. We, not even have time to think about this human life, its essence, purpose etc., in a broader perceptive. To understand it we have to look into ourselves, deeply dive into our consciousness and understand universal consciousness which resides in our inner heart. Here I want to introduce one easy meditation practice to expand our consciousness to whole universe and then assimilate it into ourselves there by integrating the feel of universal consciousness.

Technique of expansion:

Lay down in Sava (Corpse) asana. Corpse asana means lying on a flat surface, spinal column straight with both hands besides, palms open and eyes closed. Just relax your body parts. Start from the right big toe, then second, middle, fourth, and the small toes.   Observe body parts, relax them one after another. Then right lower leg, thigh, buttock, back and then continue to right shoulder, neck, hands, palm, fingers in a row (thumb, index, middle, ring and little one). Do this muscle relaxing exercise for left side also. Then relax spinal column, back head, total head, frontal face region, eyes, nose, jaws, teeth and ears.

Concentrate on your heart chakra. Slowly in mind chant OM. Let it originate from your heart and let it expand to your whole body. Feel each and every cell is chanting silently OM OM. Stay in that state. Let the nada (sound) Om fill your auras. Feel it and then be in silence. Now silence has over taken the sound.
Now feel that your inner consciousness is expanding into the whole room, the room where you are meditating. Then see that it is spreading total area of your village/town/city. Next it is occupying your district area, your state and your whole   country. Let it rise and fill this planet earth, next expand to universe and then it is going beyond universe. Hold a moment there. You are filling yourself with energy there. Let it absorb. Next you are coming down to universe and filling yourself with universal knowledge, energy and universal compassion. At this point your consciousness attains the state of universal consciousness. Then you are traveling back to earth, country, state, district, and the city and at last to the area of your residence. You are now into the place where you are meditating, assimilated with universal consciousness, knowledge; compassion and energy. Merge those energies into your heart centre – a place of universal love, compassion and consciousness. Now affirm consciously that “I have universal consciousness, knowledge, compassion and energy”. Rub your palms and gently place on your eyes. Feel the warmth. Turn to your right side and slowly sit down. Now our meditation is over and you can go back to your routine work.

By practicing it daily, this mediation helps you see the daily events in a better way. You can solve your problems easily and your perception level rises. It is a life’s fact that, when we see other people’s life burning issues, turbulences, and problems, we realize and understand ours as minor issues. Then again, we will understand that problems and sorrows are illusions posed by mind. They will come and go in sequence. This human life has come for sadhana(practice) and we must do spiritual practice for enlightenment and liberation.

May all be blessed with universal consciousness, inner wisdom and attain salvation.


The colors of the chakras are in sequence of VIBGYOR that is like violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red. Let us discuss a small exercise to rejuvenate and correct the chakras. You will have fun doing this mini exercise.

Assume seven pools with the above said chakras colors. Start with base chakra color red and continue with orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Sit in meditative posture, relaxed and spine straight. Assume that you are diving into the first pool that is red. Feel all the negativities are released and that red color is absorbing into your root chakra. With the red color your root chakra is becoming strong. Feel it is revitalized and rotating in the right direction. Feel the strength and power of the chakra. Mentally pronounce Lam- the root chakras mantra. Continue this same exercise with other colors also. The list of colors and corresponding chakras/mantras are mentioned below.

Red ———Root Chakra——- Lam

Orange——Sacral Chakra—– Vam

Yellow——Solar plexus ——-Ram

Green ——-Heart Chakra—– Yam

Blue———Throat Chakra—   Ham

Indigo——-Brow Chakra—– Aum

Violet——-Crown Chakra—- Oum

After dwelling into all the pools, open your eyes and mentally affirm that, “My chakras are working in perfect condition, they are balanced and synchronized”

Feel the inner peace and return back “to” your routine work. 

Om Santhi: Santhi; Santhi:

Protection from psychic attacks

Some times persons, especially children become sick for unknown reasons. In these particular cases Doctors fail to diagnose the disease. The picture seems to be normal. No unusual issues like rise in BP levels, Diabetes and infections are noticed, yet the person suffers. Older wise generations call this as psychic attacks. There is some remedy for this sort of attracting negative energy and becoming sick by continuously draining the energies and losing vitality levels.

See the below diagram and cover yourself with holy syllable and get yourself high end protection.



                                         <—– Ksham    <—-

Start from front side and continue towards right mentally print the word “Ksham”.

Spell it thrice, to activate the beezam’s (word’s) power.

Add that syllable to top and bottom of your body also

It gives protection from attracting negative energies/negative thought forms and helps any individual to stay calm and happy.

Try this simple protection shields In case of no relief condition you can seek my help.

Beware of those who create ill feelings and negative energies

Stay away from all types of negative thoughts/ energies and be healthy.

Dwell in positive divine energy and be happy.

Dedicate this life to see the holiness and divinity dwelling in each and every atom.

Avoid accidents by taking preventive cosmic protection

Life and death are unpredictable. We never know when death engulfs a human life. Death haunts people through diseases, psychological problems and accidents. Rise in population, heavy traffic, modern fast life styles are some of the reasons for hike in accidents. There is a chance to get protection from having accidents.

Skies are filled with immense energies. Place a request to cosmos for a protection shield. You can specify the structure and shape of the protection shield. They can be of pyramid type, cone type etc., Define a shape and put a request to cosmos for such type of protection shield. Assume the shield is filled with cosmic energy. Specify a time period like for 24hrs, 48 hrs etc., Let it cover your whole body. Place a strong affirmation that,”I am  highly protected and any negative thought or idea hitting the walls of the shield is returning to the source as love and light”. This process is applicable to houses, offices as well as vehicles. This shield will give heavy protection.

Always place an affirmation in your heart that “You trust the God –the supreme and you love yourself”

Along with the above  rooting process is to be followed, to live strongly on earth.

Sarve zana sukhino bhavanthu