Building Relations

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Every human being’s life is governed by relations. An infant also has emotions. Every relation invokes some kind of emotion in one’s life. Love governs life. Some relations brings happiness and some unhappiness. One of the important relations is wife and husband relation. In case of problem in this relation, how to build/repair such relation?

One needs introspection regarding one’s behavior. Every individual is born free and has got one thinking brain and no two thinking patterns are alike. There are some differences in the view, handing issues. Lack of mutual understanding and respect towards other’s point of view are one of the important causes for this relational crisis. Trust, mutual understanding are the cardinal points in building a relation,

The process

Sit in a quiet place. Meditate upon your favorite Guru or God. Assume the two persons in distress, Seek their higher self permission for healing the endangered relation. Cleanse both persons chakras and auras. Match the chakras and assume light is connecting their respective chakras. Then visualize their auras are connected with light. Pray the cosmos for a pink color ball which is filled with love and light. Cover the two physicals with that ball and place an intention that these two persons are friendly and their relation is filled with love and light. Repeat this exercise till good results surface in the case.

May all be blessed with love, light and prosperity.

Feathering Relationships

There are many relations in this world. Every relation is guided by some norms, principles and they act within some defined boundary. At a certain point of time in a human life, every one experiences relational upsets and corresponding life turbulences. Every individual is unique and has some aims ambitions and all wish to win situations.

As we ponder no two individuals can go together. Mutual understanding, mini and macro adjustments are the process of keeping relations in tact. There is one saying “One is a life wizard, when one knows how to live happily, without hurting others and self”.

When you see a person you will remember him with all past emotions, episodes and the communication proceeds as per the past impressions. Owing to our past experiences, some times we over react to situations resulting in conflict. This is true pertaining to nations also. So, emotional balance is needed to stay away from this sort of conflicts.

Some times people cross limits and unnecessarily probe into another’s life leading to conflict. Conflict may arise in between persons, between groups or in between nations at a bigger perspective.

How to better any relation?

There are some astral chords binding persons. They maintain relations. Particularly of all chakras solar plexus and naval chakras guide this. When one is unhappy over a relation, to heal oneself one has to cut all unnecessary chords, clean them and paint them with blue. Cleaning to solar and naval chakras will also help. Along with these techniques to build good relations, pink color energies are to be given to both parties in struggle. This will help in betterment of relations.

How to cut an unnecessary relation?

There are some relations which makes us unhappy. They may treat you badly or you may be uncomfortable with their ways. Just cut the binding chords. Think all the negativities are gone, and put a strong affirmation that the unwanted, paining relation is no longer bothering you. The relationship exists at its point, unaffecting you.

Be happy and cheerful as long as you stay here on planet earth.

Stay close to God- the Anantha Ananda- Eternal Bliss.