The Secret


The body, mind and soul collectively exist as a human being. Mind is a link between soul and body. Consciousness cannot exist without body and body can never exist without life force having consciousness. The state of alignment of body, mind and soul is called a meditative state.

The mind management is more important for any being to achieve success in physical life. Physical is dictated by mind.  Mind is a double edged knife by which we can do spiritual practices as well as keep life wonderful. Stable mind is a solace to any being. We care our body, fulfill its needs and carefully nourish it. We care our mind. If it is dull, we entertain it with various activities. But we never hear our inner self’s calls. It strives hard to let us do spiritual practices for enlightenment and salvation.

We always think spirituality as a subject matter of old age. But it is not so, because strongly grownup tree never bends as does a tiny plant. Training from young age is essential to learn this beautiful subject of spiritual philosophy- the essence of life and its origin. We cleanse our body, rehabilitate mind and give least importance to the soul incarnated. For nurturing soul, meditation and other spiritual practices along with reading philosophic books will help.

Here I introduce a simple Meditation Technique for regular practice

Sit in quiet place with spine straight. Observe the breath. Let the breath be normal. Let the calmness engulf you.

Assume a bright electric white light triangle behind your heart chakra. Feel your heart in the maroon red color and chant any mantra you are accustomed to or just OM. Let the Om reverberate your physical, filling the auras.

Let it spread in your meditation place, home, city, state, country, and world. Expand slowly throughout the entire universe. You are the whole universe. Then slowly come back to planet earth, your country, state, city, home, your meditation place and ultimately to physical body. You are filled with universal consciousness. Meditate for a while and feel inner divinity.

Smile at yourself with love. Gently rub your palms and place upon the eyes. Then slowly open your eyes and chant Om Santhi: Om Santhi: Om Santhi:

Regularly practice this meditation and lead a blissful life.

Essence of Service to Guru


It is said “Service to mankind is service to God”. All religions accept all pervading divine consciousness dwells in human inner consciousness. Atheists also believe in goodness of service and they accept, adopt and propagate service concept. Service with or without presence of God is accepted by mankind. Here in this article we are discussing few points regarding Sath Guru and service to Sath Guru.

Often people fall on the feet of Guru and expect complete blessings pertaining to all levels. True respect and service reflects when one lives in compliance with Guru’s inner voice and inspiration. It is not necessary to physically present wherever your Guru goes. It is necessary to be aware and live to his ideals.  What rights a Guru have upon his disciples’ life?  Imagine you planted some seeds, plants and carefully developed them into a beautiful garden. Do you have the right to pick and choose a flower? Certainly…similarly a Guru builds a garden of trained souls. As it is his garden he can pick flowers of his choice.  A true Guru helps a disciple to transform as a complete human being and understand all pervading divinity.

How to understand your Guru?

A Sath Guru is always compassionate and aims to teach his disciple absolute divine knowledge. Filled with divinity and pure love, he inculcates service attitude within them. Understanding Guru begins when he spiritually initiates a disciple. A connection is established after this act. The literature helps in the second phase. Finally, one has to pray and meditate upon the mighty power of Guru and get blessings. To receive blessings one has to be open silencing agitating mind. Then with time, the sadhaka understands Guru and attains Master’s equivalent state. At that state also the sadhaka must continue his practice with sincerity and receive Guru’s blessings to attain and understand liberation within this physical. Such sincere and faithful devotees understand the true teachings of a Guru


The Guru’s chosen lives are different from ordinary ones. Comparatively they live closer to divinity. Many define these dedicated lives as fortunate as they get good training and will elevate in life through their deeds. The best examples are the lives of Swami Vivekananda and Swami Yogananda. Both lived and dedicated their lives for Guru’s ideals.  So, when you are called by your Guru to do service, it is advisable to offer your life for the divine work as Guru guided lives are divine, noble and successful in helping mankind.

True service to Guru is living for his ideals rather than falling on his feet

Guru krupa hi kevalam Mathru krupa hi kevalam

images (1)“Mathru devo bhava pithru devo bhana acharya devo bhava” Mother is always given first place in a being’s life and is praised as divine form upon earth. She introduces father to her child and whole world as time goes and child grows. She is the first teacher. Child imitates mother and learns from her mannerisms. That’s why it is highly important to propagate the value of girl child education. An educated mother can raise her child with knowledge and can train him/her as a best person. This relation is divine based on pure love and light.

The imprint and behavior of child may ignite some known person’s pattern which may irritate the mother.  Nature and God decides relations and their outcomes.  Whole world exists because “I” exists. It is said world like a mirror reflects us. All experiences are part and parcel of our training. We are exposed to certain relations, places and circumstances to get an experience and transformation in our mindset. Our mind guides our journey. Highly trained and polished mind is really an asset. A strong mind helps us to achieve our set aims. When you can manage your mind we can say you are in control of your life. So, it is good if we have good relations with all and enjoy life in good spirits but in case of strained relations exclusively with mother then we need to go to root of the cause and correct it from the base. Cut all dead chords and negative energies and bless the relation with positive divine energy. Any offspring’s duty is to respect and take care of their parents. Dharma says to perform our duty and never ever expect result.

The prime and ultimate relation is our relation with God. Join in any spiritual path and do sadhana (practice). Practice gives immense mental strength and with that strength we can face any crisis and find solutions to life burning problems.

images (4)When we enter into a spiritual path, we meet our Guru. The grace of Sath Guru is such that we can surpass any hurdle in our life. We breathe success. We understand how to handle life, relations and situations. It is also said when you have blessings of Guru, you can overcome planetary influences. It is said “Gnana moolam edam jagath”. Knowledge is the basis of this world and such knowledge is bestowed by Sath Guru. With aim, faith and devotion upon Guru and Guru’s blessed path, we realize divinity that dwells in self and its omnipresence. The ultimate aim of any human being is to have self realization and attain salvation within this physical that can be achieved by Sath Guru’s blessings. Life will be peaceful and filled with eternal bliss if we have a Sath Guru. So we can conclude at every step of life “Guru krupa hi kevalam Mathru krupa hi kevalam


Abuse means to use wrongly or improperly, misuse or to hurt or injure by maltreatment. Some people are addicted to use of tobacco, alcohol, drugs and many self indulging things.  God blessed us with beautiful life. Bible says “God created man in his own image”. It is our prime responsibility to treat ourselves with respect that means to keep physical and mental states healthy. It is also said to beautify body is to glorify God. True beauty is in maintaining good health. Here this statement explains us to inculcate good healthy habits and glorify the human life blessed by God. A healthy mind reflects in physical. So, always mind should be kept at peace. For that we need to supply the necessary composure as input to mind. For mind management the ultimate medicine is –philosophical knowledge. So mind should be fed with good ideas and righteous thoughts, then it works excellently. For soul incarnated we need to do meditation as the soul’s wish is ultimate liberation. The soul, mind and body, if works in an aligned state then we can envision a perfect individual who is able to think, speak and act in a right manner, By such three level alignment we become balanced individuals and are able to treat ourselves with dignity. How about others? Simply, if we know how to treat ourselves we can treat others also well.

These days we hear lot about violence and there is no security for women. The atrocities on women are mind boggling. It is shocking to hear such episodes in India as she is seen as an ocean of spiritual knowledge. It’s a country where great civilizations flourished and where women were highly respected.  Vedic period has seen many women scholars. Then good education with high moral values prevailed and all beings were treated with dignity

Present day Indian society is suffering with poverty and poor literacy levels. Right knowledge with moral values should be infused into society. At school level subjects like Moral Sciences, Yoga, and Spiritual Philosophy should be incorporated. Moral building education is need of the hour. If high moral values exist then there will be no room left for abuses and atrocities. A fact is that a world filled with knowledge is free from ignorance and violence.

Time to learn spiritual philosophy:

These days’ economies are forcing both parents to work for sustenance. Traditions of joint families are no more and children lack grandparent’s uncles and aunts’ love and care. Time is not permitting parents to show more care and love towards their children as they are busy in life. Whereas children are overburdened with studies and they don’t have time for fun. Thus life became a routine process. In this routine we are unable to pay true self attention as we flow fast in life’s stream. So, it is necessary to spend some time for learning the science of self knowledge- the spiritual philosophic knowledge. This knowledge helps us to understand self and deal life in a better way. It helps in building radiant aura around the self and within heart, pure love blooms that spreads love and light to one and all. 

Faith is very important to lead a happy life. If you have faith and devotion towards a God/ Guru you will have inner mental strength to deal life’s problems and struggles. It is said faith can move mountains. With faith Ekalavya learnt archery sitting before Dronacharya’s idol. Kabir das says in one poem that a rock can be break into pieces if rubbed with a thread. Faith builds such optimism and positive attitude. By joining in a spiritual or philosophical school one’s inner heart blooms and they are blessed with sixth sense. They can better judge a situation, predict near future and can fly out of calamity without injury. Similarly by practicing meditation under the guidance of a Guru one becomes very strong and special protection shield builds around the physical. Thus unforeseen calamities, dangers won’t struck them.

In alternative therapies like Reiki there are many protection shields which can be used for protection purposes. These shields provide protection from accidents of all sorts. Thus one needs to take some self protection means for safe travel in this ignorant jungle.

I wish all to be blessed by almighty with knowledge, pure love and light. Let life upon this earth be filled with dignity and eternal bliss.

Different ways– one destiny

A place can be approached by different ways. It is in our will and wish to make a choice. All religions preach pure love, peace, harmony and aims at  ultimate liberation. To reach a hill summit we may take different paths and directions but the destination is same. Similarly different religions preach different practicing methods but the ultimate goal s one. When we visit an old fort, we take help of a guide. Being familiar to that place, he will save our time and shows us all the area with full explanation regarding technical details of the construction and covers the past history to present government stance. His knowledge helps as a ready reference to us. Here we need to discuss about importance of Guru in human being’s spiritual journey.

As Guru knows all the paths, when a spiritual aspirant approaches him, he assesses his state and recommends an easy, comfortable and short path to destination- the liberation. Being omnipotent Guru helps the sadhaka in alleviating all level obstacles in that enlightenment journey and elevates his level.  Sadhaka succeeds in finding solutions to all level problems with the grace of Guru. Faith can move mountains. True aspirant needs to have aim, faith, devotion, knowledge and strict adherence to Guru’s word. Help automatically comes to true sadhakas. Sincere practitioner will be auto guided by Guru and he perennially gets Guru’s astral blessings. Even astral presence of Guru helps in this spiritual journey of salvation. Grand Master Choa Kok Sui once said that for the disciples who are sorrow struck, deeply in depression and is miserably struck in worldly affairs, he will come and definitely will rescue to liberation. Such is the kindness and pure love of any Sath Guru.

Present day world is polluted with violence and agitation. How to find true Guru?  Guru and Sishya relation is one to one; heart to heart. Our heart recognizes our Guru. We are serene, comfortable and happy in his presence. Mind spots our true Guru. Like a magnet Guru attracts a disciple. Divinity exists in all beings. Soul being divine understands this divine relation and after identification only one thing we need to do is sadhana(practice). With practice a path will be laid by our Guru which is filled with flowers and a divine light that guides our journey. Is this not enchanting? So do sadhana and follow Guru’s word, have his blessings and with his grace cross this samsara and reach the abode of eternal bliss.

Grace of Guru sets a flowery path to our spiritual journey.


Forgive to be Free and Happy

rkWith time, in life many events happen. Some we remember and some we forget. Some drench us in joy and some in depression. In the process of personal and professional life we happen to come across many persons. Our mind imbibes feelings of like and dislike towards them owing to corresponding experiences.  Some of life’s bitter episodes left us with negative feelings and enmity towards the persons and places involved in that episode. Time never stops and life runs with or without our participation and we have left with no choice rather than respect it and move on. But this stagnated events imprints in sub conscious mind and influence individual’s health. Psychologically stored stresses exhibit in the form of diseases. Nowadays mind boggling big health issue is cancer. Alternative therapists spot inner suppressed unexpressed violence, anger and hatred are the reasons for outburst of cancer. All the clogged emotions, pain, stress, anxiety and dejected feelings deposit like huge contamination causing unforeseen and unpredictable ailments.

How to play safe game with our emotions?

Mind is big asset to human beings. Our ignition key rests with mind. Mind is very powerful and when tamed properly, it benefits us with physical level success and mental level peace. It is the tool of elevation into spiritual enlightenment. So tap the hidden potentialities of mind with meditation and restructure it with fresh peaceful vibrations. At such restructured state, when bad hurting events happen, our strong mind extracts that episode’s essence and learns the lessons. After all whole world exists as long as we exist and the issues we face happen to teach us lessons, and educate us in one aspect or other. All religious texts explain the greatness of forgiving. Lord Jesus Christ explains importance of forgiving. All great people’s lives are filled with patience, sacrifice, peace, and forgiving. If we forgive with our heart the persons who made our lives worst along with the incidents and the circumstances then we feel free. Forgiving helps us to come out of that bitterness and unwanted stress. All poisonous imprints like anger, hatred, humiliation, inner violence, depression etc., will be erased. If we fill our heart with pure love then there will be no contamination arising out of negative emotions. Through this act we are helping ourselves and not the other party who involved in hurting our feelings and life. In life game it is common to have two situations winning and losing. Storing the impressions of lose makes our life miserable. We need to learn from our mistakes and compete in life’s game with full gist and vigor. One fact is our life is short and we are time bound beings. We have to utilize this limited time effectively by staying out of all emotions arising out of six vices and do meditation to enjoy merry life with health, peace, contentment and eternal bliss. A stable forgiving mind is filled with pure love and is capable of helping others. They can see the divinity that exists in self and other beings and can digest the concept of omnipresence of divinity. Thus a life filled with pure love is useful to self and others

Forgive self and others to fill your heart with pure love.

Ego states and Spirituality

buddhaInitiation means introducing. When you are initiated, your energies are set into a direction. After initiation, if a sadhaka practices well automatically he will experience some mystic powers. Whatever he say or intend may come true. He will get wonderful visions regarding coming future. All bewilders a sadhaka. At one point of time he may conclude that he is blessed with all powers and equaled his Guru. But the byproducts of sadhana(practice) are not the destination. It is a test posed in the practice to keep us away from sadhana. At this crucial juncture one needs to be very cautious and continue the sadhana without bending to the illusionary mystic powers. Being a human being we often lost in illusion.  If we start using those powers and stop sadhana, our progress drastically droops and again we have to start afresh the spiritual journey towards ultimate liberation.

 How to overcome this self centered ego states and touch inner divinity?

One has to go on practicing under the guidance of Sath Guru till a state comes where there is no self consciousness and nothingness exists. True practice and meditation starts when one’s self awareness levels drops. Then that person will deep dive into self and touch the inner ambrosia- the inner divinity. After that state of true meditation sadhaka’s energies are renewed with divinity. He transforms as a divine being upon earth.  One may get doubts like if one loses ‘self’, is he coming back again to reality after meditation or drenched in deep meditation he attains Samadhi. When one practices under the guidance of Guru, then such issues will never arise. Energies were regulated and sahdaka is blessed to attain eternal bliss within this physical. They can be in these worldly affairs (samsara) and do sadhana. When we feel proud about ourselves we just need to remember certain issues in sadhana that “Have we envisioned that divineness- that eternal light”. Are we feeling that pure love? Can we feel the divine touch in each and every living being? Can we understand absolute silence?   Are we able to enjoy universal consciousness? Are we able to cross six vices gulf and illusionary influence- the ocean of emotions? If we can answer all the queries with “yes” then fine. If not then visit your Guru/Guide and seek his guidance to have control over the latest high ego state resulted from the sadhana. Your Guru will guide you to reach your destination-the ultimate liberation. Enjoy the practice till you experience inner divinity through faith, aim and devotion

True faith and devotion results with egoless state       

Change Management and Spirituality


We often face conflicts arising out of generation gap. Older generation complain about young one’s style and young generation spot wrong with the former’s nagging behavior. With time when one stops to change they start speaking about goodness of their time, values and fashion. Here they mention their youth. Fashion and living styles change with time. If we fail to adopt some useful things then we would end up in cooking with firewood. Technology eased our life’s routine processes and saved our precious time. An elder may not adopt fashionable dresses but by adopting new technological ways helps in bettering life. We see in rural masses this rigid attitude and they don’t want to change their style of living. They love their old methods. Conflicts are always there with change of time and introduction of new things. Now, it is a matter of intelligence to adopt new things which are useful to us and shun that won’t suit us. We don’t need to become panic that morality is at stake. Righteousness (Dharma) is stable like eternal rock. Without any bar all people will follow it. We need to see advantages and disadvantages of newly introduced idea/ thing. Then decide introducing into your life. Change must be adopted for the further refinement of life.

If management introduces new changes workers exhibit resistance. It is natural to put a prevention hand across any new change. But we all know one fact that to change is to civilize. We all understand theories, We know that good is to be encouraged and we need to implement but there is mind which always puts an agenda regarding likes, dislikes and nostalgic moments.

How can we become more refined individuals?

Self is the worst enemy. Often we show others as our progress preventers. But if we see, we block ourselves to change. Inner hidden fear is the one of the reason which often threatens us with imaginary illusions. Meditation clears all clogs, spots the reason for inner hidden fear, eradicates barriers, expands person universally with serenity and bliss. So meditate and learn about yourself. Self knowledge is essential to progress in life and to achieve ultimate liberation.

Spirituality transforms one to see the truth and prepares one to accept new changes for life’s betterment. Rigidity in self vanishes. With practice individual becomes more refined. Refinement can be seen at all levels. Refined living styles are visible in past great civilizations. Always people think spirituality and philosophy are the subjects to be taken at later stages of life. But it is not so as they preach refined way of living to individuals, they must be taken at young age. Corporate sector, if tries to implement the concepts of philosophy/spirituality in their offices through lectures or regular classes by eminent Gurus then introducing and implementing change becomes very easy. Then don’t need to employ more people in their change management wing.

A Simple Meditation Technique:

Here I introduce one simple meditation technique. Anyone can follow this easy meditation. Select a quiet place and sit comfortably with your spine straight. Your body should be relaxed. Observe your breath for few minutes. Feel inner quietness. Chant Soo inaudibly with your mind while you inhale and ham while exhale. Continue this exercise for 15-20 minutes. Be relaxed while you do this meditation. Forget everything and feel inner divinity and divinity that exists everywhere and start this exercise. Fix a time and place and do this regularly and feel the refreshing peaceful mind.

Live a refined life filled with love, light, enlightenment and peace 


A child is adventurous, explores world, smiles at everything unless he/she is hurt. Inside we can see wonderful natural learning capability. Given a chance, without confusion a child can learn ‘n’ number of languages. Simply one needs to learn “how to live” concepts from a child. Pure intelligence and absolute mind works in children.  Through early childhood impressions psychological personality develops in them. So, childhood experiences play an important role in shaping their personality.

It is prime duty of the mother to dedicate her time to young offspring’s as she is the first mentor. All prime spiritual books; religions give her first position in a child’s life. It is said God sends mother to take care of his beloved incarnated soul within a physical. Matru devo bhava; pithru devo bhava; acharya devo bhava; in this phrase also mother’s position is supreme. What is the responsibility of a mother? She is the first Guru. She can mould a child into a role model person. All the stories that she teaches child are life term gifts. They carve the person’s psychology. The behavior, language and every minute thing is observed by children and is adopted as they are the best observers and imitators. Thus children are the extensions of parents.

Many feel that spirituality and philosophy are the subjects to be taken at a later stage of old age. But it is not right. With spiritual knowledge we can learn life principles and art of living. We transform as better persons.  We know how to build and maintain good human relations. Our performance levels increase. It is very important to learn these subjects at a young age as time is finite and life is time bound. With philosophic knowledge we can explore life with enthusiasm and enjoy it full extent and can live with bliss. A child will have an added advantage, if they are trained in this field at a young age. Mentoring is easy at young age as their receptive levels are high So it becomes the responsibility of mother to expose the child at an early age to spirituality as it is a science of art of living and guides the child through the path of wisdom and purity. The early training tends them to be much disciplined, respect culture, tradition and have universal mind with broad outlook.

These days demand for old age homes are rising. Children are failing to take care of their old parents. Such situation will never arise if at a young age they are trained in spirituality. Spirituality blooms compassion, pure love, service attitude and lets a being to understand responsibility. Being in samsara (worldly affairs) the sadhaka’s (practitioners) can enjoy the eternal bliss. Spirituality lets one to understand self as well as others, surroundings and circumstances.

So groom child with spirituality and train him/her to live with responsibility as true independency rests with responsible behavior.

I wish all human beings be blessed by almighty with pure love, light and peace.

Awareness and Sensitivity

Often we are insensitive towards ourselves and surroundings. As we pass on streets we just pull tree leaves and tear them into pieces thinking about something. It is all our insensitivity. We fail to recognize or understand that we are hurting others with our words and actions. So it is very important to be conscious, sensitive and behave with awareness.

A person who is sensitive and aware is unique person. He treats himself well and others well. He knows how to adjust to surroundings. He understands and does his routine work with skill and simplicity. But engulfed in worldly matters we just pass on rising to occasions and time passes. At fag end of life, if we see back, we mourn with grief that given a chance we will live this life in  a very pretty good manner. So to be successful, we need to be aware and sensitive. A person with this attributes is bound to hit set targets and be successful in life. It is simple to inculcate this habit of sensitivity.

Be an observer to yourself. You understand your likes, dislikes behavior pattern. You dwell deep into your situational reactions and can breathe your successful as well as failure patterns. With awareness, make some adjustments to your words, actions and see the change in your life style. You yourself will find a new ‘you’. World is full of illusion and living after understanding life concepts is like playing a game. Lord Krishna demonstrated this technique. That’s why it is enchanting to read Maha Bhagavatham which is full of Lord’s divine play.  Always understand and rise above emotions, see the situation as it is and work accordingly.

Sensitive souls with awareness raise high in physical life and they can keep their mind calm. They realize self with continuous practice of awareness exercise. At one stage, observer, observed and the stable one, all fall in line and start travelling in the direction of divinity. These people when meditate can easily fall into absolute silence. The reason is one who is prepared and aware can readily touch divinity within and can receive divine astral blessings. Jesus says that always be aware and be ready as you never knew when divinity knocks your heart. The sensitive souls are peace propagators. So when more people join this group, the world will be free from violence. Knowledge rules the world.

Knowledge filled world is free from violence- the byproduct of illusion and six vices.