The Secret


The body, mind and soul collectively exist as a human being. Mind is a link between soul and body. Consciousness cannot exist without body and body can never exist without life force having consciousness. The state of alignment of body, mind and soul is called a meditative state.

The mind management is more important for any being to achieve success in physical life. Physical is dictated by mind.  Mind is a double edged knife by which we can do spiritual practices as well as keep life wonderful. Stable mind is a solace to any being. We care our body, fulfill its needs and carefully nourish it. We care our mind. If it is dull, we entertain it with various activities. But we never hear our inner self’s calls. It strives hard to let us do spiritual practices for enlightenment and salvation.

We always think spirituality as a subject matter of old age. But it is not so, because strongly grownup tree never bends as does a tiny plant. Training from young age is essential to learn this beautiful subject of spiritual philosophy- the essence of life and its origin. We cleanse our body, rehabilitate mind and give least importance to the soul incarnated. For nurturing soul, meditation and other spiritual practices along with reading philosophic books will help.

Here I introduce a simple Meditation Technique for regular practice

Sit in quiet place with spine straight. Observe the breath. Let the breath be normal. Let the calmness engulf you.

Assume a bright electric white light triangle behind your heart chakra. Feel your heart in the maroon red color and chant any mantra you are accustomed to or just OM. Let the Om reverberate your physical, filling the auras.

Let it spread in your meditation place, home, city, state, country, and world. Expand slowly throughout the entire universe. You are the whole universe. Then slowly come back to planet earth, your country, state, city, home, your meditation place and ultimately to physical body. You are filled with universal consciousness. Meditate for a while and feel inner divinity.

Smile at yourself with love. Gently rub your palms and place upon the eyes. Then slowly open your eyes and chant Om Santhi: Om Santhi: Om Santhi:

Regularly practice this meditation and lead a blissful life.

Find peace within

In the rainy season of 2013, India had 110% rains and many rivers flooded villages. Like any year, this year also, in this spiritual land all the useful water is drained into seas. This reminded me of one spiritual issue that every sadhaka (Practitioner) faces at one point of time in his/her life’s spiritual journey. When one lacks right channeling of energy we witness wastage in the form of time and  energy  as the practitioners ‘sadhana’ (Practice) fails to touch the inner divinity and he/she may not able to depict the philosophic books true to the sense.

At times, we try to escape from routine busy schedules and complain with our near and dear that we need peace. Peace is a state where mind is balanced, calm and in a free blissful state. Away from agitation and stress, mind shines with brilliance. Human life’s brilliance and glory can be seen in the potentiality of mind power. Stressed mind’s productive levels are low and that mind fails to maintain relation with self and surroundings and ends up in chaos and calamity. Naturally in search of peace, we plan many escape plans to escape from stress like.. long drives, parties, picnics and visiting many holiday resorts etc., Is that escape possible as mind follows our physical as an integral part.

How to manage mind and achieve peace?

Anyone who knew a,b,c of spirituality direct us to acquire philosophic knowledge. Educating us  with that, lets us to think in positive manner and train our mind to be untouched by past, present and mind predicted future happenings. Our study gives us a theoretical understanding that inside us there lays a peace lake, but we don’t know how to touch and consume it. Like an explorer in a desert, geographically we know about a water lake but fail to find path to reach it. Tired in self journey, at such delicate moments with or without our consent, if we have a Sath Guru, rescue action will come through his/her astral blessings reminding our broken mind understand the concepts of blissful life. A right word will auto spark in mind without much turmoil. He/she will show the path to the ‘lake of peace’ that dwells inside us in the form of ambrosia (amrutha thathwa)- the perennial source of bliss, peace and contentment.

So choose a Sath Guru and have initiation into a spiritual path and do sadhana. A word or touch of an energy source may change a course of life. No one knows when the ignition to our inner self comes. It is our duty to be wide awake and open to have such blessings. A Sath Guru will make sadhaka’s spiritual journey easy as he/she knows the path to eternal bliss- the salvation. So, along with reading spiritual books, spiritual guide/Guru will make our journey easy and fill our lives with bliss and peace through divine astral blessings

 Blessings be to all

Meditate and find true aim of life

Every life has a purpose and some defined designed unique work is there. Every being life is useful to nature. Every brain is unique and if used properly can do miracles. Mostly we follow routine life style. At the end, we end up without achieving anything in life. Never ever try to find what is that which makes us an unique individual. First of all we need to understand ourselves our strengths and weaknesses then if we set an aim. Then we can strive hard to achieve that.

First of all we need to have self knowledge. Deep meditation will help us understand regarding ourselves. The aim of life is to understand self. The one who know self can understand others, world and universe. That individual can extract the best in self and becomes a best contributor to the society. For that one needs to explore self. That can only be possible through meditation. Many people look meditation as a subject to be taken at old age. But we can find inside spark with meditation and it is most important and needs to be introduced to an individual at a young age.

I always thank God as I feel his presence in the form of breath and my breath sustains my physical. If we have existence through a body, whole world exists and we can do anything. God has given us this wonderful life. All holy books reaffirm the fact that God made man with full divinity. Illusion prevents us to find the true divinity within ourselves. So take time to meditate in a quiet place and explore your inner divinity.

Sit relaxed with spine straight, and observe breath. Take deep breath and continue for some time. When you are stable then while inhaling, feel the divine white light entering into your physical system and see all negativities are leaving your physical while you exhale. Continue this for 15 minutes. Feel the inner peace. Your mind attained a tranquil state and at that juncture think about your aim in this time framed life and what you can do an individual. Conclude this meditation schedule by thanking God for bestowing you this life with an aim. Rub your palms and place them upon your eyes. Gently open and go back to your routine.

A life filled with a definite aim is a good contributor to self and mankind

Positive Attitude

Positive attitude makes you a unique and successful individual

Every human being born on earth has some aims and ambitions. The process of chase begins with time. Targets are set and the individual aspires for success. Time, circumstances, surrounding people and individual capability levels may pose problems in hitting the set objectives. History reveals that all the noble works are hindered in one way or the other and lot of effort is needed to accomplish the aims.

Being in a state of bliss is one way to thwart all obstacles and depression arising from those persistent obstacles. Blocks and obstacles are natural processes in a task accomplishment. Individual attitude is important. When attitude is untouched by problems and unattached by the posed hindrances, then human mind works brilliantly and finds solutions. A cardinal point is- for every posed problem in the nature there is a definite solution. In this modern era, Gandhiji and Martin luther king’s lives are examples of patience, composure and depicts excellent mind management. Mind is potential to search for solutions. To ignite such brilliant mind, one needs practice. Scientists say human being use only 10% of their total power.  How to practice patience and introduce brilliance into mind?

Select a quiet place for meditation. Sit in any meditative posture or in a relaxed way with spine straight and shoulders relaxed. Concentrate on breath and feel the inside calmness. Assume right brain and left brain is synchronized and working in coordination. Feel the universal knowledge inside your brain and give direction that the knowledge is useful to your physical life. Meditate for 20 minutes and experience the inner peace and extend thanks to all spiritual gurus and guides for this beautiful meditative experience. Mind in this process understands philosophy of life and natural obstacles and learns to be composed in difficult phases of life. As you all know mind is hyperactive, seeks pleasure and afraid of sorrows. By regular meditation practise, mind slowly becomes strong and is capable of facing any posed problems, difficulties and sorrows in a given time frame. A strong mind has positive attitude to face the life. A positive attitude lets you live like a new bliss filled individual who can tackle powerful human mind.

Be prepared to face anything because nothing can erase your bliss filled life.

Handle Life with wisdom

Our life starts when we take our first breath. We feel secured in the hands of our dear mother. From there onwards life struggle starts. Our mother introduces us to our father, world and many other things. Thus a life story unravels. We admire life, play and as time passes a day appear before us where we found ourselves independent. We alone are there handling issues, dealing people and our toughest self. Stress and insecurity engulfs our life pattern

Innately we have desires and we aspire to achieve them. We all struggle to have best things in life and at the end we find ourselves lost in the game of attaining positions. In this competitive world, human mind searches for peace. Philosophy and our education help us think and our ancient wisdom assists us to draw conclusions. As we grow old, our mind continuously poses questions like.,

How to achieve peaceful mind? How to strengthen mind?

The answer is simple. Sit straight and relaxed in an undisturbed quiet place. Close your eyes. Simply observe the breath. Busy mind starts thinking. Just watch it as a naughty child. Within minutes the mind falls in silence. Be in that silence and enjoy the serenity. Touch the inner core and stay in that bliss for some time. Slowly open your eyes and return back to your work. Now your tension free, calm mind restored her strength to face the inner and outer world with wisdom. They say “face is the index of mind”. Stressed mind state reflects on physical body leading to many diseases. Quiet mind bestows health and happiness. So, meditate and enjoy the bliss and handle life with wisdom.

I wish all human beings be blessed with peace and sanctity



Conquer mind by using the Mind

Life is like a powder keg which is filled with emotions, struggles, tensions, difficulties, and sorrows that may ignite at any time. All born on this earth aspire to be happy and healthy. The circumstances, cultural back ground, parental, family and friends influence, perception and understanding levels, education- all these contribute in framing a person’s personality. Human is distinguished from other living forms through the mental capability. Through the power of mind, we learn, feel and understand things. It is the powerful human weapon as well as disastrous weakness.

How to train bubbling mind as a powerful tool?

To train mind one needs to utilize mind only.Scientists proved that no individual till to date used their brain to its full capacity. Here brain is collection unit possessing all the raw data and uses processed data for the inmate’s benefit. As the life flows, we come across many types of emotional mindsets. To keep agitated mind calm, we need to do meditation. Through meditation the brain pattern is restructured and fear, stress, anxiety and worry would be removed. Mind feels quiet, fresh, and is ready to face any of the life’s consequences, and difficulties. Serene Mind is very sharp, powerful, capable of thinking with full potential and can solve any problem. A meditative silence mind can help the physical to function properly and lets it stay in a healthy condition.

Select a quiet place. Sit straight and relaxed. Just watch the breath. Don’t bother about the incoming thoughts. Just be a witness and never bother about all the current physical and mental activity. After 10 to 15 minutes slowly the physical system enters into deep meditative state. Just silently stay and dwell into your inner self’s divine glory. Capture strength and come back to face the world.

Let peace, contentment and bliss glorify your life

Om Santhi: Santhi: Santhi:


Be an Effective Channel

Human life swims across the ocean of problems, difficulties and sorrows. The breeze of joy, comfort blow for awhile and flow away. Every one wants their life to be filled with comfort, joy and peace. When one is struck in life he/she will seek relief from struggle and tension. Many visit temples or miracle men for getting peace of mind. Great Gurus are also targeted in this process. Whatever may be the reason for the visit, when one is initiated by a Sath Guru the energies of that particular initiated physical system will be set on the path of divine practice for the attainment of liberation. Normal human beings always aim and seek solutions for their problems and wish fulfillment of their desires and ambitions. The pure divine energies set by Gurus will guide the souls in the path of purity and divinity.

How to resolve the conflict in between the astral aspiration and physical aspiration?

How to receive Sath Guru’s blessings effectively?

How to become a transparent channel?

A child born is cheerful and is free from all types of fears, inhibitions, negativities and blocks. As time goes conditioning begins and the child loses natural radiation and will become a mere representation to his/her place, education, tradition and cultural background. In this process many develop fears, inhibitions and blocks. One can never become a transparent channel with all blocks. In this connection transparency can be defined as to be open and free from blocks. Transparency lets the blessings and knowledge flow freely in the physical system. Therefore, one must be free and open to receive blessings from any Sath- Guru. Remember by being open to Sath Guru’s blessings Lord Krishna, Lord  Rama, Lava and Kusa and many great souls completed their formal education within no time. By being open to the blessings one receives them with its full divineness and the person’s each and every cell is energized with divinity. An inner power is awakened and realized in this process, making the person physically, mentally and emotionally very strong. With that inner power one can solve his/her problems and disturbances at physical plane and equally become strong at spiritual plane to continue spiritual practices to reach the ultimate goal of human life- the salvation. Thus a physical level and astral level balance is achieved and that human life will be fulfilled by attaining ultimate liberation. So, be open and become a transparent channel to any positive energy plane to receive them effectively and utilize them for all level’s true realization


Expand yourself universally

The knowledge is passed on through generations through guru parampara. They followed the method of ‘sharing and spreading’ the knowledge to enhance the quality of human life. Coming to our human life- it is full of problems, difficulties, sorrows, anxieties and worries. Knowledge is the best way to deal with life’s perennial problems. Knowledge improves our thinking capabilities and with its help we understand life in a better way.

Two aspects in life that are to be dealt with wisdom are ‘mind and knowledge’. With our mind we learn and knowledge assimilates into our life pattern and the same mind is the one, which is prone to worries and anxieties and exposes us to the same. It is a boon if we effectively utilize mind. Perception and interpretation are two aspects of mind. In a given situation, two individuals understand and interpret one incident in two different ways. Perception and interpretation of mind plays a key role here. After all, to live peacefully, we must know the art of handling our mind in an effective way. That’s nothing but art of living. Mind, like a sharp knife helps as well as hurts also. In the process of handling it, we must understand its nature and network of flow and working, so that we can handle it efficiently. Psychologists wrote many volumes about its functioning. Leaving aside the whole technical things let us see this aspect in a very simple way. For example: If we are worried and stressed out then it reflects in our physical system and we become sick. So, peace of mind is important for maintaining good health. To have peace of mind in this fast track world, it is always advisable to do spiritual practices like meditation, recitation of any mantra, pranayam etc., to cool the agitated mind.

Mind can be calmed by the below said practices:

Sit in a meditative posture. Recite any mantra/guru mantra silently for half an hour. You will find serenity and the burning mind’s thoughts are calmed. You will find peace of mind.

Sit in a meditative posture, spine straight and body relaxed and just observe. Many thoughts good/bad will come and go. Observe them. Be a spectator to your mind. After all the thoughts were vanished, a calm state arrives. In this process you will understand your mind flow. Surprisingly the low and high states of mind can be understood in this process. By understanding the mind one can effectively use it in their life span.

Along with good diet, exercises, if one absorbs himself/herself in the activity of their interest, the agitated and problematic mind attains a calm state, because interests suck up the sick and negative mind.

Learn Pranayam(Breathing Exercise) from any Guru (Master) and practice it regularly.  Pranayam presents a human being with health, mental peace and leads an individual to ultimate liberation also

Mind is always active. It has its own ways and means. When we are free and alone it comes out and strikes us with many questions, pros and cons of situations, dreams of future, assesses the present, dwells and broods into the past. What is life? Why we are here? In our small life boundary, we forget everything and deeply get attached to our problems, position and relations. We, not even have time to think about this human life, its essence, purpose etc., in a broader perceptive. To understand it we have to look into ourselves, deeply dive into our consciousness and understand universal consciousness which resides in our inner heart. Here I want to introduce one easy meditation practice to expand our consciousness to whole universe and then assimilate it into ourselves there by integrating the feel of universal consciousness.

Technique of expansion:

Lay down in Sava (Corpse) asana. Corpse asana means lying on a flat surface, spinal column straight with both hands besides, palms open and eyes closed. Just relax your body parts. Start from the right big toe, then second, middle, fourth, and the small toes.   Observe body parts, relax them one after another. Then right lower leg, thigh, buttock, back and then continue to right shoulder, neck, hands, palm, fingers in a row (thumb, index, middle, ring and little one). Do this muscle relaxing exercise for left side also. Then relax spinal column, back head, total head, frontal face region, eyes, nose, jaws, teeth and ears.

Concentrate on your heart chakra. Slowly in mind chant OM. Let it originate from your heart and let it expand to your whole body. Feel each and every cell is chanting silently OM OM. Stay in that state. Let the nada (sound) Om fill your auras. Feel it and then be in silence. Now silence has over taken the sound.
Now feel that your inner consciousness is expanding into the whole room, the room where you are meditating. Then see that it is spreading total area of your village/town/city. Next it is occupying your district area, your state and your whole   country. Let it rise and fill this planet earth, next expand to universe and then it is going beyond universe. Hold a moment there. You are filling yourself with energy there. Let it absorb. Next you are coming down to universe and filling yourself with universal knowledge, energy and universal compassion. At this point your consciousness attains the state of universal consciousness. Then you are traveling back to earth, country, state, district, and the city and at last to the area of your residence. You are now into the place where you are meditating, assimilated with universal consciousness, knowledge; compassion and energy. Merge those energies into your heart centre – a place of universal love, compassion and consciousness. Now affirm consciously that “I have universal consciousness, knowledge, compassion and energy”. Rub your palms and gently place on your eyes. Feel the warmth. Turn to your right side and slowly sit down. Now our meditation is over and you can go back to your routine work.

By practicing it daily, this mediation helps you see the daily events in a better way. You can solve your problems easily and your perception level rises. It is a life’s fact that, when we see other people’s life burning issues, turbulences, and problems, we realize and understand ours as minor issues. Then again, we will understand that problems and sorrows are illusions posed by mind. They will come and go in sequence. This human life has come for sadhana(practice) and we must do spiritual practice for enlightenment and liberation.

May all be blessed with universal consciousness, inner wisdom and attain salvation.

Silent Revolution

Every child born has a purpose in this life. To learn, experience and to do spiritual practice many take human form. Learning process begins soon after we take our first breath and this story continues till we take our last breath. This continuous journey has a meaning, purpose and guided destination. To begin spiritual journey, search into your inner heart to know the truth about yourself. Initiation is a process to launch one into spiritual world.

What is initiation?

Initiation means initiating, or the process of being initiated or introduced into spirituality through a Guru by touch or silence or mantra or glance or some energy force. Some automatically get initiation owing to their past practices. Some get initiated by their inner consciousness. A word, an incident, a meeting may bring change into the lives of many people in spiritual aspects.

What happens when we meditate?

When we become a channel or a medium of some energy system, we are authorized to receive that form of energy. Each and every cell is invigorated and drenched in that energy pattern. The brain is restructured to those positive vibes. All auras are filled with this vitality .The place where you meditate is cleansed. The energies are assimilated into our system and transmitted through our body to whole universe. All the sensitive souls, vegetative world, rocky world, cells will receive those positive energies. By meditating you can spread peaceful serene waves throughout universe. Really it is an honor to be meditater or a medium of any positive energy. By being a medium you are able to spread peace, serene and positive energy waves. That means you are subconsciously spreading peace into the human hearts by staying at home only. Each and every cell is throbbing for evolution. Every individual as well each and every particle strives to achieve development. Meditation makes it easy. Meditative waves pave way to hasten the process of evolution Do this simple practice. Just mediate on the word Master CVV and you can feel the energy wave’s absorption into physical system and transmission to the whole universe.  CVV means (see, we, we), we see ourselves that is our inner self- the gateway to true absolute merry world. Words fail to describe that state. Neither I/you nor we/they exist. There is no religion, no rituals. Nothingness prevails.

Let us make a journey into the abode of serenity and let we be proud and honored to be meditaters of any energy pattern and spread silent revolution of peace. Let us be a part of universal positive transformation work to hasten evolution.

Amen Amen Amen


Fear and Mind

There are three states in a time frame past, present, future. One of the wonderful gifts to human beings is “mind”. Human mind has no rest. It has so many tasks from earning bread to settling so many issues at conscious and subconscious levels.

Wizards say “a diamond can only be cut by another diamond”. True… And in the mind’s game, mind can only conquer mind. A person life’s show is run by this intelligent mind. Like mercury it is tough to conquer mind. Often we think to get peace and our mind projects so many issues that happened in the past and fear engulfs us by assuming the things that may happen in future. Mind’s child, illusion creates fear- the worst enemy of our survival. If we observe ourselves, always we think about the bygone things or else we dream about future. The impressions made on the mind in our childhood lets us scared of so many things like darkness, loneliness, frightful animals, elders; nonliving ghosts etc., The series of impressions on mind integrate as memory. The conditioned mind exhibits fear symptoms. If we observe a child.., he/she is free, fearless and inquisitive towards learning new things. A conditioned elder has so many constraints and restrictions in learning and executing things. Fear is a state of assumption that some undefined disaster may happen to oneself. Mind’s memory episodes contribute to the appearance of fear at physical state.

How to use mind to conquer mind?

One can beat illusion by using mind. Well, here our topic fear is also one of the illusion generated issues.

One of the best methods is to fully absorb in the task we are undertaking. Then we won’t remember anything and imagined fear won’t appear in our life. In this state, mind will be totally absorbed in the work. Neither are we bothered about past or future. We just live in the moment that is present. Living in present is the way to bliss. No stagnation of thought clutter. Emotional memory stops hampering mind’s Free State. Life flows freely without mirage hindrance.

Always observe yourself. At that state, there will be an observer and observed. Then your functioning capabilities and life’s winning capabilities enhance by your own critics watchfulness. Here mind’s intelligence and potential work and no room left for fear-the illusion. In this way one can deal things in an intellectual way filled with wisdom setting aside fear. Here, mind’s intellectual phase is on operation.

Reciting a divine syllable (mantra) also silences mind, invigorates it, gives it strength to deal with fear and other emotional problems.

Try to explore the fear. Sit in a quiet place and watch it. When studied in depth fear loses its identity and integrity because in reality it has no existence. It is only illusion. Ninety nine percent we can get solution to any human problem. Remaining one percent, the problems which are beyond human perspective and unsolvable can also be dealt by human mind because it has got immense potential and strength to face any problem with courage. Mind has got capability to explore into the problem and find solution to it. The one thing that needs to be done is, dwell in it to understand and get solution by raising the thinking levels above it. Be a wizard in using mind’s many defined and undefined levels.

Last but not least meditate at some leisure hour, so that there will be one state, no observer, observed and nothingness will prevail thwarting all illusions that are mind maladies. Serenity remains. In that calmness, unconscious mind leads us to inner self- the real dwelling divine light in human vehicle. Meditation encounters mind, restructuring the brain pattern, leading us to bliss.

Let us all touch this inner self to raise above all the mind’s created fears, anxiety, depression and touch the eternal bliss with the help of meditation.