Guru krupa hi kevalam Mathru krupa hi kevalam

images (1)“Mathru devo bhava pithru devo bhana acharya devo bhava” Mother is always given first place in a being’s life and is praised as divine form upon earth. She introduces father to her child and whole world as time goes and child grows. She is the first teacher. Child imitates mother and learns from her mannerisms. That’s why it is highly important to propagate the value of girl child education. An educated mother can raise her child with knowledge and can train him/her as a best person. This relation is divine based on pure love and light.

The imprint and behavior of child may ignite some known person’s pattern which may irritate the mother.  Nature and God decides relations and their outcomes.  Whole world exists because “I” exists. It is said world like a mirror reflects us. All experiences are part and parcel of our training. We are exposed to certain relations, places and circumstances to get an experience and transformation in our mindset. Our mind guides our journey. Highly trained and polished mind is really an asset. A strong mind helps us to achieve our set aims. When you can manage your mind we can say you are in control of your life. So, it is good if we have good relations with all and enjoy life in good spirits but in case of strained relations exclusively with mother then we need to go to root of the cause and correct it from the base. Cut all dead chords and negative energies and bless the relation with positive divine energy. Any offspring’s duty is to respect and take care of their parents. Dharma says to perform our duty and never ever expect result.

The prime and ultimate relation is our relation with God. Join in any spiritual path and do sadhana (practice). Practice gives immense mental strength and with that strength we can face any crisis and find solutions to life burning problems.

images (4)When we enter into a spiritual path, we meet our Guru. The grace of Sath Guru is such that we can surpass any hurdle in our life. We breathe success. We understand how to handle life, relations and situations. It is also said when you have blessings of Guru, you can overcome planetary influences. It is said “Gnana moolam edam jagath”. Knowledge is the basis of this world and such knowledge is bestowed by Sath Guru. With aim, faith and devotion upon Guru and Guru’s blessed path, we realize divinity that dwells in self and its omnipresence. The ultimate aim of any human being is to have self realization and attain salvation within this physical that can be achieved by Sath Guru’s blessings. Life will be peaceful and filled with eternal bliss if we have a Sath Guru. So we can conclude at every step of life “Guru krupa hi kevalam Mathru krupa hi kevalam


A child is adventurous, explores world, smiles at everything unless he/she is hurt. Inside we can see wonderful natural learning capability. Given a chance, without confusion a child can learn ‘n’ number of languages. Simply one needs to learn “how to live” concepts from a child. Pure intelligence and absolute mind works in children.  Through early childhood impressions psychological personality develops in them. So, childhood experiences play an important role in shaping their personality.

It is prime duty of the mother to dedicate her time to young offspring’s as she is the first mentor. All prime spiritual books; religions give her first position in a child’s life. It is said God sends mother to take care of his beloved incarnated soul within a physical. Matru devo bhava; pithru devo bhava; acharya devo bhava; in this phrase also mother’s position is supreme. What is the responsibility of a mother? She is the first Guru. She can mould a child into a role model person. All the stories that she teaches child are life term gifts. They carve the person’s psychology. The behavior, language and every minute thing is observed by children and is adopted as they are the best observers and imitators. Thus children are the extensions of parents.

Many feel that spirituality and philosophy are the subjects to be taken at a later stage of old age. But it is not right. With spiritual knowledge we can learn life principles and art of living. We transform as better persons.  We know how to build and maintain good human relations. Our performance levels increase. It is very important to learn these subjects at a young age as time is finite and life is time bound. With philosophic knowledge we can explore life with enthusiasm and enjoy it full extent and can live with bliss. A child will have an added advantage, if they are trained in this field at a young age. Mentoring is easy at young age as their receptive levels are high So it becomes the responsibility of mother to expose the child at an early age to spirituality as it is a science of art of living and guides the child through the path of wisdom and purity. The early training tends them to be much disciplined, respect culture, tradition and have universal mind with broad outlook.

These days demand for old age homes are rising. Children are failing to take care of their old parents. Such situation will never arise if at a young age they are trained in spirituality. Spirituality blooms compassion, pure love, service attitude and lets a being to understand responsibility. Being in samsara (worldly affairs) the sadhaka’s (practitioners) can enjoy the eternal bliss. Spirituality lets one to understand self as well as others, surroundings and circumstances.

So groom child with spirituality and train him/her to live with responsibility as true independency rests with responsible behavior.

I wish all human beings be blessed by almighty with pure love, light and peace.