The Secret


The body, mind and soul collectively exist as a human being. Mind is a link between soul and body. Consciousness cannot exist without body and body can never exist without life force having consciousness. The state of alignment of body, mind and soul is called a meditative state.

The mind management is more important for any being to achieve success in physical life. Physical is dictated by mind.  Mind is a double edged knife by which we can do spiritual practices as well as keep life wonderful. Stable mind is a solace to any being. We care our body, fulfill its needs and carefully nourish it. We care our mind. If it is dull, we entertain it with various activities. But we never hear our inner self’s calls. It strives hard to let us do spiritual practices for enlightenment and salvation.

We always think spirituality as a subject matter of old age. But it is not so, because strongly grownup tree never bends as does a tiny plant. Training from young age is essential to learn this beautiful subject of spiritual philosophy- the essence of life and its origin. We cleanse our body, rehabilitate mind and give least importance to the soul incarnated. For nurturing soul, meditation and other spiritual practices along with reading philosophic books will help.

Here I introduce a simple Meditation Technique for regular practice

Sit in quiet place with spine straight. Observe the breath. Let the breath be normal. Let the calmness engulf you.

Assume a bright electric white light triangle behind your heart chakra. Feel your heart in the maroon red color and chant any mantra you are accustomed to or just OM. Let the Om reverberate your physical, filling the auras.

Let it spread in your meditation place, home, city, state, country, and world. Expand slowly throughout the entire universe. You are the whole universe. Then slowly come back to planet earth, your country, state, city, home, your meditation place and ultimately to physical body. You are filled with universal consciousness. Meditate for a while and feel inner divinity.

Smile at yourself with love. Gently rub your palms and place upon the eyes. Then slowly open your eyes and chant Om Santhi: Om Santhi: Om Santhi:

Regularly practice this meditation and lead a blissful life.


Life swings with balance in between happiness and unhappiness. Time passes and events change giving us learning experiences filling life with fullness. There are certain times where we desperately hang up in confusion unable to decide upon action plans. When we terribly struck in life, we fail to take decisions. If it is a case of number of tasks in queue and if we fail to organize and synchronize, at that instant, management studies help us in planning and organizing tasks. If we have so many tasks to finish within a specified time limit then we can organize them according to priority and can complete. If all relations are strained and our mind is weeping in sorrow then we can talk to people involved and can sort it out. Maximum… we can try and build broken relations. We have so many cases of love failure where one or other foolishly ends up their lives.  Some confused souls entertain themselves with addictions. As we all know that all types of addictions are life harming and are not advisable for leading a healthy life. For suppose, if we have at one point of time, relational, financial and career crisis then what the poor soul is going to do? How to handle life’s engulfing problems?  Is there any method to sort all issues at one stroke? Our life organizer is our mind and executer is body. Some intuition works from inside which says to us to do this and that, avoid some tasks and people, go this side and that side etc., that’s our inner soul which observes and cautions mind. Hence we can conclude that by handling mind, one can solve life’s perennial problems.

Stable mind and positive thoughts

 If our life manager- the mind is stable, we can organize and perform ‘n’ number of tasks with ease. Stable mind can manage relations with grace. It can identify existing resources properly and utilize them effectively. Thus refined mind with wisdom can control financial turbulences. How to manage brilliant mind? Mind can be managed by spiritual philosophic thoughts. By that hyper active mind becomes slow and thinks over issues and takes good decisions. Positive thoughts sprout and wisdom awakens to a new level of peace. Within a state of peace, person starts solving problems one after another, standing healthily in life and becoming a live example to others. Coming to the point of spiritual and philosophic thoughts… How to imbibe them into our mind?

Practice makes a man perfect

Mind can be managed by practice. We have to regularly do meditation and read spiritual philosophy. Through regular reading, mind registers the essence at sub conscious level and helps us to slow down and think whenever is necessary. Meditation sharpens mind, makes it more efficient and effective decision maker. At the same time mind becomes stable and peaceful. So do meditate and manage mind and lead healthy, cheerful and peaceful life.

God bless one and all with peace, bliss and pure love.

Medicine for Inner voilence

2Civilization and sophistication go hand in hand. With progress in technology and working styles we learn many new things in life. Modern education and corporate sector trains us to speak nicely. All good things are happening in life with changing days, life styles and seasons. But still violence is out bursting. There is lot of violence and unrest in the world. That’s outside world. What about inner world of persons? Daily we hear many known diseases like cancer, ulcer, hyper tension, diabetes and n number of unknown diseases. It is because of mismatch in aspirations and achievements. Some disappointments are running in minds and the state of mind is lacking satisfaction. We need to seriously think about our strengths and weaknesses. Then an assessment regarding our personal caliber is to be calculated and with that we have to set targets in life. A balance is to be maintained in life regarding our aspirations and achievements. Then we can have contentment in life. This is one set and another main problem we have is about relations and relational crisis. When one doesn’t have good relations, their heart hurts and serious physical problems occur in life. In one way or other way life exhibits problems. It is in our wisdom to tackle our problem and lead a cheerful life. It is possible through the knowledge of philosophy as it is an art of living. Many people think spirituality and philosophy are the subjects of old age. But that’s not true. They let us learn basics of life.

Observe self: make it a practice

Every day meditation helps relieve stress. That will also help in understanding self. If you can understand yourself then 99.9% life will be at ease. That’s why the knowledge of self is necessary. Inner world can be understood by meditation. Join in any form of meditation and practice to arrest known and unknown inner violence. You can simply do this exercise. Sit in quiet place with spine straight and body relaxed. Close your eyes. Sit in silence. Observe yourself. Let thoughts flow. Observe them till they end. After all thoughts, at one point of time, mind attains silence. All thought waves merge into silence. That silence rejuvenates body, mind and soul. Continue this practice…you will understand yourself and achieve peace. At this state you are above inner violence. You observe your inner thoughts and understand self created turbulence patterns. You can easily manage yourself and always cherish peace and bliss. This is what Lord Krishna says “Be in this world but live untouched by all the happenings”.

When you live with awareness you will be untouched by surrounding people’s attitudes, circumstances and happenings in life. So, meditate and lead a healthy bliss filled life

I wish all be blessed with peace and self realization.

Time that never comes back

One of the important resources we have is time. One student becomes a scientist using the time and another pauper. Irony of life is both have same time. One utilized properly and another failed to respect time. A timely act and word saves many. Time is finite. We can never get back bygone time. Human life is time bound. It is said that it is a great fortune to take human life.

 One has to be a conservative in case of time. First and foremost point in effective time utilization is, one needs to chose an aim in life and travel in that direction. Second point is to do the right thing at right time and at right place. These are all pertaining to physical life’s success. Seers declare that the ultimate aim of human life is salvation. To understand self, life, time, nature, illusion, fellow human beings and all living species, we need to expand our consciousness universally. Philosophy teaches us the concept of eternal life principles. Mind, body and soul are integrals of human being. Soul dictates mind and mind dictates body. The key resides within soul. So we need to get hold of key and utilize it for effective utilization of rest of the two viz., mind and body.

How to get hold of key of life within our time frame?

The only one way is meditation. Learn meditation technique from a Sath Guru and keep on practicing. Make it a point to add it to your daily schedule. Then enjoy its benefits practically. Your perception levels, productive levels and performance levels enhance. Your mind is at peace. You understand certain specific issues like how to live and how to maintain good human relations and be untouched at times of calamity. All you need is to just meditate at a specific time and go for universal expansion. Through meditation key to life will be at you dispense. Meditation blesses you to transform as a model citizen, helpful to all needy and live as a divine being upon this earth.

So don’t waste time search for a Sath Guru and start spiritual eternal bliss journey and enjoy liberation and eternal bliss within this physical. Let all beings be blessed with eternal bliss, peace and contentment.

The power of word

We express ourselves through a language. A child also tries to communicate. Man is a social being. He needs to express himself and share his emotions. To accomplish any task we need to communicate with concerned people and seek their cooperation. Every word spoken has value. It reflects back on us. Whole world exist because “I” exist. Any idea of mind travels through universe and get back to us. That’s why elders say “Never ever spell negative words. God blesses us with thadasthu(so be it)”.

For any person the worst enemy is -self. We are the highest blockers of ourselves through our attitude and expressions. Always we need to check ourselves. Are we truly in liaison with our aims and ambitions?

We observe some of the very good students say, just for fun sake, “ah! I care a bit for subject”. Literally their mind is not that but it became a fashion for people to speak against that that is really in their minds. But this simple act may convert into a problem as every word uttered returns back to us from the cosmos and reflects in our lives. So, Gandhiji used to say never speak, see and hear ill.  How to become free from self created blocks?

Select a quiet place with dim light. Lay upon your back without a pillow. Observe breath for few minutes. Then start counting in reverse direction from 20 to 0.  Count 20 while you inhale and again 20 while you exhale. Repeat this exercise, counting in reverse direction, till you reach zero. Then imagine a quiet place, a place where you like to spend time and where you experience peace or else imagine your favorite God. Pray God and say that you always remember him for almighty’s kindness and unconditional love. Then give auto suggestions to your mind that from now on wards your mind is filled with positive attitude and emotions.  You are behaving in compliance with your mind. Your mind’s performance levels are enhanced and you are working perfectly. You are filled with peace. Then start counting with breath, as you inhale 5 and while exhaling again 5. Count down till 1. Say thanks to all spiritual Gurus, healing angels and holy persons of all times. Turn towards your right slowly wake up. Gently rub your palms and place them upon your eyes. Feel the warmth. Smile at yourself and face the life afresh and new.

I bless your mind and word act in compliance so that totality results in performance levels

Handle Life with wisdom

Our life starts when we take our first breath. We feel secured in the hands of our dear mother. From there onwards life struggle starts. Our mother introduces us to our father, world and many other things. Thus a life story unravels. We admire life, play and as time passes a day appear before us where we found ourselves independent. We alone are there handling issues, dealing people and our toughest self. Stress and insecurity engulfs our life pattern

Innately we have desires and we aspire to achieve them. We all struggle to have best things in life and at the end we find ourselves lost in the game of attaining positions. In this competitive world, human mind searches for peace. Philosophy and our education help us think and our ancient wisdom assists us to draw conclusions. As we grow old, our mind continuously poses questions like.,

How to achieve peaceful mind? How to strengthen mind?

The answer is simple. Sit straight and relaxed in an undisturbed quiet place. Close your eyes. Simply observe the breath. Busy mind starts thinking. Just watch it as a naughty child. Within minutes the mind falls in silence. Be in that silence and enjoy the serenity. Touch the inner core and stay in that bliss for some time. Slowly open your eyes and return back to your work. Now your tension free, calm mind restored her strength to face the inner and outer world with wisdom. They say “face is the index of mind”. Stressed mind state reflects on physical body leading to many diseases. Quiet mind bestows health and happiness. So, meditate and enjoy the bliss and handle life with wisdom.

I wish all human beings be blessed with peace and sanctity



Inner Beauty

Time is a finite resource. None can stop time. It moves and waits for none. With time, our physical body shows signs of age. Aghast!! We desperately want our figure back. Then we are after gyms, aerobics, yoga and what not. We change our diet. Consult health and fitness people. When we are young, we have so many ambitions and we run after them. After achieving some, time runs out and our body shakes us with many complaints. So many things to achieve in a time frame and we are worried with our physical and emotional conflicts.

How to be composed at times like this?

Many think spirituality as a subject to be taken up at fag end of life. This is the grave mistake, we do. When we are young we have abundant energy, time and we can pursue any subject easily. It is applicable to spirituality also. People, who are trained in meditation and yoga, are more competent and life game winners compared to others. So, wise people say, “Better late than never”. Start now and mediate. Just sit straight, relaxed and in a calm place at specific time and simply observe your body. You will see the physical becoming calm, mind still and radiance is spreading to whole body. All the cells are energized with new vigor and youthfulness. That beauty is perennial, as it is reflecting from inside you. Divinity dwells inside every human being. By doing spiritual practices, human being touches it and the divinity reflects in the physical as brightness, glory and in mind plane as brilliance and peace. So, silent meditation helps people to be cheerful and youthful in thoughts and disposition. Do meditate and be happy.

May God bless you all with health, peace and bliss.

Conquer mind by using the Mind

Life is like a powder keg which is filled with emotions, struggles, tensions, difficulties, and sorrows that may ignite at any time. All born on this earth aspire to be happy and healthy. The circumstances, cultural back ground, parental, family and friends influence, perception and understanding levels, education- all these contribute in framing a person’s personality. Human is distinguished from other living forms through the mental capability. Through the power of mind, we learn, feel and understand things. It is the powerful human weapon as well as disastrous weakness.

How to train bubbling mind as a powerful tool?

To train mind one needs to utilize mind only.Scientists proved that no individual till to date used their brain to its full capacity. Here brain is collection unit possessing all the raw data and uses processed data for the inmate’s benefit. As the life flows, we come across many types of emotional mindsets. To keep agitated mind calm, we need to do meditation. Through meditation the brain pattern is restructured and fear, stress, anxiety and worry would be removed. Mind feels quiet, fresh, and is ready to face any of the life’s consequences, and difficulties. Serene Mind is very sharp, powerful, capable of thinking with full potential and can solve any problem. A meditative silence mind can help the physical to function properly and lets it stay in a healthy condition.

Select a quiet place. Sit straight and relaxed. Just watch the breath. Don’t bother about the incoming thoughts. Just be a witness and never bother about all the current physical and mental activity. After 10 to 15 minutes slowly the physical system enters into deep meditative state. Just silently stay and dwell into your inner self’s divine glory. Capture strength and come back to face the world.

Let peace, contentment and bliss glorify your life

Om Santhi: Santhi: Santhi:


Silent Revolution

Every child born has a purpose in this life. To learn, experience and to do spiritual practice many take human form. Learning process begins soon after we take our first breath and this story continues till we take our last breath. This continuous journey has a meaning, purpose and guided destination. To begin spiritual journey, search into your inner heart to know the truth about yourself. Initiation is a process to launch one into spiritual world.

What is initiation?

Initiation means initiating, or the process of being initiated or introduced into spirituality through a Guru by touch or silence or mantra or glance or some energy force. Some automatically get initiation owing to their past practices. Some get initiated by their inner consciousness. A word, an incident, a meeting may bring change into the lives of many people in spiritual aspects.

What happens when we meditate?

When we become a channel or a medium of some energy system, we are authorized to receive that form of energy. Each and every cell is invigorated and drenched in that energy pattern. The brain is restructured to those positive vibes. All auras are filled with this vitality .The place where you meditate is cleansed. The energies are assimilated into our system and transmitted through our body to whole universe. All the sensitive souls, vegetative world, rocky world, cells will receive those positive energies. By meditating you can spread peaceful serene waves throughout universe. Really it is an honor to be meditater or a medium of any positive energy. By being a medium you are able to spread peace, serene and positive energy waves. That means you are subconsciously spreading peace into the human hearts by staying at home only. Each and every cell is throbbing for evolution. Every individual as well each and every particle strives to achieve development. Meditation makes it easy. Meditative waves pave way to hasten the process of evolution Do this simple practice. Just mediate on the word Master CVV and you can feel the energy wave’s absorption into physical system and transmission to the whole universe.  CVV means (see, we, we), we see ourselves that is our inner self- the gateway to true absolute merry world. Words fail to describe that state. Neither I/you nor we/they exist. There is no religion, no rituals. Nothingness prevails.

Let us make a journey into the abode of serenity and let we be proud and honored to be meditaters of any energy pattern and spread silent revolution of peace. Let us be a part of universal positive transformation work to hasten evolution.

Amen Amen Amen


Tackle Insomnia- Enjoy life with productive energy

Sleeplessness is a major problem for many. Lack of good sleep makes persons weary, shattered, and weak. During the day time, they are unable to focus on the tasks. Whole day’s productivity is lost because of sleepless nights. Today’s hectic life style, stress filled work, relational stress and strain are making individual restless, and like a nerve string that can break at any time. . Calm down for a while and think.., for every problem there is a solution. Faith and patience are key notes to find solutions to any hampering problem.

How to tackle this problem?

One of the best remedy is to maintain a healthy life style like taking good healthy food, doing moderate exercises and keeping a stress free mind frame. Regular practice of yoga, pranayam, and meditation will also help. Daily at night time, taking a glass of milk with honey will do wonders.

One syllable is there, just pronounce in an audible voice and meditate on it. You will find your self relaxed.

The syllable is:

Jhum Ghoum Kloum Jatheeswara Sarva Pranaan Sarva Avasthan Sathkysthamae Swaha:

Sit in a relaxed position, spine straight and slowly spell this syllable, close your eyes and just meditate. You will get very good energies. Practice this every day and you will be cured.

Follow this to stay away from sleepless nights and feel full of fresh energy in the mornings.