The Secret


The body, mind and soul collectively exist as a human being. Mind is a link between soul and body. Consciousness cannot exist without body and body can never exist without life force having consciousness. The state of alignment of body, mind and soul is called a meditative state.

The mind management is more important for any being to achieve success in physical life. Physical is dictated by mind.  Mind is a double edged knife by which we can do spiritual practices as well as keep life wonderful. Stable mind is a solace to any being. We care our body, fulfill its needs and carefully nourish it. We care our mind. If it is dull, we entertain it with various activities. But we never hear our inner self’s calls. It strives hard to let us do spiritual practices for enlightenment and salvation.

We always think spirituality as a subject matter of old age. But it is not so, because strongly grownup tree never bends as does a tiny plant. Training from young age is essential to learn this beautiful subject of spiritual philosophy- the essence of life and its origin. We cleanse our body, rehabilitate mind and give least importance to the soul incarnated. For nurturing soul, meditation and other spiritual practices along with reading philosophic books will help.

Here I introduce a simple Meditation Technique for regular practice

Sit in quiet place with spine straight. Observe the breath. Let the breath be normal. Let the calmness engulf you.

Assume a bright electric white light triangle behind your heart chakra. Feel your heart in the maroon red color and chant any mantra you are accustomed to or just OM. Let the Om reverberate your physical, filling the auras.

Let it spread in your meditation place, home, city, state, country, and world. Expand slowly throughout the entire universe. You are the whole universe. Then slowly come back to planet earth, your country, state, city, home, your meditation place and ultimately to physical body. You are filled with universal consciousness. Meditate for a while and feel inner divinity.

Smile at yourself with love. Gently rub your palms and place upon the eyes. Then slowly open your eyes and chant Om Santhi: Om Santhi: Om Santhi:

Regularly practice this meditation and lead a blissful life.

Patience makes life beautiful

Present generation wishes every task to be completed within no time. They run faster than time. But time is invincible. None can beat time. Certain things, problems and issues take some time to settle down. Time is a great healer. What we need to do in this grace period that is in between time of problem arising and ending.  We need to have patience. The characteristic of patience raises one high in life. All great people lives are best examples of patience. When we sow a seed, we need to wait till it grows and grant us flowers and fruits. Our waiting in patience blooms many beautiful things and relations in life. We can see the relational breakups with lack of patience. Do you remember, in 11th class we have volumetric analysis in chemistry practical lessons. It really teaches us how to be patient. For every subject study including spiritual philosophy we need utmost patience.

Victory garlands those who wait in patience. Anxious people retire early from the life’s race.  The attitude of patience ruins inner and external violence and society will be bestowed with peace and harmony. Haste decisions ruin lives as they were guided by anger and violence. In a situation of disparity, if one stays with patience, calmness floods both parties and cherishes life with peace. So, for building individual and national integrity as well as universal brotherhood the trait of patience is utmost important.


How to develop patience?

Select a quiet place. Sit straight and relaxed. You can choose any meditative posture or sukhasan.  Meditate on swadhistana chakra. This chakra resides just below the naval.  Its element is water. It handles sex organs. Functional areas are anger, action, sexuality and peace. It influences general health, sexuality and reproduction. Mantra for this chakra is Vam. Its crystal is coral, carnelian. Sages consider that to surpass this chakra’s influence is very tough. Concentrate on this chakra; see the chakra with its color.  Chant the mantra “Vam” and feel the vibration. At the end of meditation fill the chakra area with marigold flowers. Confidence levels are boosted with this meditation along with patience levels.

Patience and Problem:

When you encounter with a problem; do all that can be possible and within your hands. Then wait in patience. Time and God will dictate destiny in your favor. That’s the power of patience as it wins tough wars. Do any work with perseverance and patience to glorify God and God’s given life.

Spirituality blesses people with patience, pure love, peace, real prosperity (knowledge), enlightenment and ultimate liberation.

Inculcate patience as a habit and enjoy the beauty of life.

Forgive to be Free and Happy

rkWith time, in life many events happen. Some we remember and some we forget. Some drench us in joy and some in depression. In the process of personal and professional life we happen to come across many persons. Our mind imbibes feelings of like and dislike towards them owing to corresponding experiences.  Some of life’s bitter episodes left us with negative feelings and enmity towards the persons and places involved in that episode. Time never stops and life runs with or without our participation and we have left with no choice rather than respect it and move on. But this stagnated events imprints in sub conscious mind and influence individual’s health. Psychologically stored stresses exhibit in the form of diseases. Nowadays mind boggling big health issue is cancer. Alternative therapists spot inner suppressed unexpressed violence, anger and hatred are the reasons for outburst of cancer. All the clogged emotions, pain, stress, anxiety and dejected feelings deposit like huge contamination causing unforeseen and unpredictable ailments.

How to play safe game with our emotions?

Mind is big asset to human beings. Our ignition key rests with mind. Mind is very powerful and when tamed properly, it benefits us with physical level success and mental level peace. It is the tool of elevation into spiritual enlightenment. So tap the hidden potentialities of mind with meditation and restructure it with fresh peaceful vibrations. At such restructured state, when bad hurting events happen, our strong mind extracts that episode’s essence and learns the lessons. After all whole world exists as long as we exist and the issues we face happen to teach us lessons, and educate us in one aspect or other. All religious texts explain the greatness of forgiving. Lord Jesus Christ explains importance of forgiving. All great people’s lives are filled with patience, sacrifice, peace, and forgiving. If we forgive with our heart the persons who made our lives worst along with the incidents and the circumstances then we feel free. Forgiving helps us to come out of that bitterness and unwanted stress. All poisonous imprints like anger, hatred, humiliation, inner violence, depression etc., will be erased. If we fill our heart with pure love then there will be no contamination arising out of negative emotions. Through this act we are helping ourselves and not the other party who involved in hurting our feelings and life. In life game it is common to have two situations winning and losing. Storing the impressions of lose makes our life miserable. We need to learn from our mistakes and compete in life’s game with full gist and vigor. One fact is our life is short and we are time bound beings. We have to utilize this limited time effectively by staying out of all emotions arising out of six vices and do meditation to enjoy merry life with health, peace, contentment and eternal bliss. A stable forgiving mind is filled with pure love and is capable of helping others. They can see the divinity that exists in self and other beings and can digest the concept of omnipresence of divinity. Thus a life filled with pure love is useful to self and others

Forgive self and others to fill your heart with pure love.

Awareness and Sensitivity

Often we are insensitive towards ourselves and surroundings. As we pass on streets we just pull tree leaves and tear them into pieces thinking about something. It is all our insensitivity. We fail to recognize or understand that we are hurting others with our words and actions. So it is very important to be conscious, sensitive and behave with awareness.

A person who is sensitive and aware is unique person. He treats himself well and others well. He knows how to adjust to surroundings. He understands and does his routine work with skill and simplicity. But engulfed in worldly matters we just pass on rising to occasions and time passes. At fag end of life, if we see back, we mourn with grief that given a chance we will live this life in  a very pretty good manner. So to be successful, we need to be aware and sensitive. A person with this attributes is bound to hit set targets and be successful in life. It is simple to inculcate this habit of sensitivity.

Be an observer to yourself. You understand your likes, dislikes behavior pattern. You dwell deep into your situational reactions and can breathe your successful as well as failure patterns. With awareness, make some adjustments to your words, actions and see the change in your life style. You yourself will find a new ‘you’. World is full of illusion and living after understanding life concepts is like playing a game. Lord Krishna demonstrated this technique. That’s why it is enchanting to read Maha Bhagavatham which is full of Lord’s divine play.  Always understand and rise above emotions, see the situation as it is and work accordingly.

Sensitive souls with awareness raise high in physical life and they can keep their mind calm. They realize self with continuous practice of awareness exercise. At one stage, observer, observed and the stable one, all fall in line and start travelling in the direction of divinity. These people when meditate can easily fall into absolute silence. The reason is one who is prepared and aware can readily touch divinity within and can receive divine astral blessings. Jesus says that always be aware and be ready as you never knew when divinity knocks your heart. The sensitive souls are peace propagators. So when more people join this group, the world will be free from violence. Knowledge rules the world.

Knowledge filled world is free from violence- the byproduct of illusion and six vices.


Inner Beauty

Time is a finite resource. None can stop time. It moves and waits for none. With time, our physical body shows signs of age. Aghast!! We desperately want our figure back. Then we are after gyms, aerobics, yoga and what not. We change our diet. Consult health and fitness people. When we are young, we have so many ambitions and we run after them. After achieving some, time runs out and our body shakes us with many complaints. So many things to achieve in a time frame and we are worried with our physical and emotional conflicts.

How to be composed at times like this?

Many think spirituality as a subject to be taken up at fag end of life. This is the grave mistake, we do. When we are young we have abundant energy, time and we can pursue any subject easily. It is applicable to spirituality also. People, who are trained in meditation and yoga, are more competent and life game winners compared to others. So, wise people say, “Better late than never”. Start now and mediate. Just sit straight, relaxed and in a calm place at specific time and simply observe your body. You will see the physical becoming calm, mind still and radiance is spreading to whole body. All the cells are energized with new vigor and youthfulness. That beauty is perennial, as it is reflecting from inside you. Divinity dwells inside every human being. By doing spiritual practices, human being touches it and the divinity reflects in the physical as brightness, glory and in mind plane as brilliance and peace. So, silent meditation helps people to be cheerful and youthful in thoughts and disposition. Do meditate and be happy.

May God bless you all with health, peace and bliss.

Expand yourself universally

The knowledge is passed on through generations through guru parampara. They followed the method of ‘sharing and spreading’ the knowledge to enhance the quality of human life. Coming to our human life- it is full of problems, difficulties, sorrows, anxieties and worries. Knowledge is the best way to deal with life’s perennial problems. Knowledge improves our thinking capabilities and with its help we understand life in a better way.

Two aspects in life that are to be dealt with wisdom are ‘mind and knowledge’. With our mind we learn and knowledge assimilates into our life pattern and the same mind is the one, which is prone to worries and anxieties and exposes us to the same. It is a boon if we effectively utilize mind. Perception and interpretation are two aspects of mind. In a given situation, two individuals understand and interpret one incident in two different ways. Perception and interpretation of mind plays a key role here. After all, to live peacefully, we must know the art of handling our mind in an effective way. That’s nothing but art of living. Mind, like a sharp knife helps as well as hurts also. In the process of handling it, we must understand its nature and network of flow and working, so that we can handle it efficiently. Psychologists wrote many volumes about its functioning. Leaving aside the whole technical things let us see this aspect in a very simple way. For example: If we are worried and stressed out then it reflects in our physical system and we become sick. So, peace of mind is important for maintaining good health. To have peace of mind in this fast track world, it is always advisable to do spiritual practices like meditation, recitation of any mantra, pranayam etc., to cool the agitated mind.

Mind can be calmed by the below said practices:

Sit in a meditative posture. Recite any mantra/guru mantra silently for half an hour. You will find serenity and the burning mind’s thoughts are calmed. You will find peace of mind.

Sit in a meditative posture, spine straight and body relaxed and just observe. Many thoughts good/bad will come and go. Observe them. Be a spectator to your mind. After all the thoughts were vanished, a calm state arrives. In this process you will understand your mind flow. Surprisingly the low and high states of mind can be understood in this process. By understanding the mind one can effectively use it in their life span.

Along with good diet, exercises, if one absorbs himself/herself in the activity of their interest, the agitated and problematic mind attains a calm state, because interests suck up the sick and negative mind.

Learn Pranayam(Breathing Exercise) from any Guru (Master) and practice it regularly.  Pranayam presents a human being with health, mental peace and leads an individual to ultimate liberation also

Mind is always active. It has its own ways and means. When we are free and alone it comes out and strikes us with many questions, pros and cons of situations, dreams of future, assesses the present, dwells and broods into the past. What is life? Why we are here? In our small life boundary, we forget everything and deeply get attached to our problems, position and relations. We, not even have time to think about this human life, its essence, purpose etc., in a broader perceptive. To understand it we have to look into ourselves, deeply dive into our consciousness and understand universal consciousness which resides in our inner heart. Here I want to introduce one easy meditation practice to expand our consciousness to whole universe and then assimilate it into ourselves there by integrating the feel of universal consciousness.

Technique of expansion:

Lay down in Sava (Corpse) asana. Corpse asana means lying on a flat surface, spinal column straight with both hands besides, palms open and eyes closed. Just relax your body parts. Start from the right big toe, then second, middle, fourth, and the small toes.   Observe body parts, relax them one after another. Then right lower leg, thigh, buttock, back and then continue to right shoulder, neck, hands, palm, fingers in a row (thumb, index, middle, ring and little one). Do this muscle relaxing exercise for left side also. Then relax spinal column, back head, total head, frontal face region, eyes, nose, jaws, teeth and ears.

Concentrate on your heart chakra. Slowly in mind chant OM. Let it originate from your heart and let it expand to your whole body. Feel each and every cell is chanting silently OM OM. Stay in that state. Let the nada (sound) Om fill your auras. Feel it and then be in silence. Now silence has over taken the sound.
Now feel that your inner consciousness is expanding into the whole room, the room where you are meditating. Then see that it is spreading total area of your village/town/city. Next it is occupying your district area, your state and your whole   country. Let it rise and fill this planet earth, next expand to universe and then it is going beyond universe. Hold a moment there. You are filling yourself with energy there. Let it absorb. Next you are coming down to universe and filling yourself with universal knowledge, energy and universal compassion. At this point your consciousness attains the state of universal consciousness. Then you are traveling back to earth, country, state, district, and the city and at last to the area of your residence. You are now into the place where you are meditating, assimilated with universal consciousness, knowledge; compassion and energy. Merge those energies into your heart centre – a place of universal love, compassion and consciousness. Now affirm consciously that “I have universal consciousness, knowledge, compassion and energy”. Rub your palms and gently place on your eyes. Feel the warmth. Turn to your right side and slowly sit down. Now our meditation is over and you can go back to your routine work.

By practicing it daily, this mediation helps you see the daily events in a better way. You can solve your problems easily and your perception level rises. It is a life’s fact that, when we see other people’s life burning issues, turbulences, and problems, we realize and understand ours as minor issues. Then again, we will understand that problems and sorrows are illusions posed by mind. They will come and go in sequence. This human life has come for sadhana(practice) and we must do spiritual practice for enlightenment and liberation.

May all be blessed with universal consciousness, inner wisdom and attain salvation.

Silent Revolution

Every child born has a purpose in this life. To learn, experience and to do spiritual practice many take human form. Learning process begins soon after we take our first breath and this story continues till we take our last breath. This continuous journey has a meaning, purpose and guided destination. To begin spiritual journey, search into your inner heart to know the truth about yourself. Initiation is a process to launch one into spiritual world.

What is initiation?

Initiation means initiating, or the process of being initiated or introduced into spirituality through a Guru by touch or silence or mantra or glance or some energy force. Some automatically get initiation owing to their past practices. Some get initiated by their inner consciousness. A word, an incident, a meeting may bring change into the lives of many people in spiritual aspects.

What happens when we meditate?

When we become a channel or a medium of some energy system, we are authorized to receive that form of energy. Each and every cell is invigorated and drenched in that energy pattern. The brain is restructured to those positive vibes. All auras are filled with this vitality .The place where you meditate is cleansed. The energies are assimilated into our system and transmitted through our body to whole universe. All the sensitive souls, vegetative world, rocky world, cells will receive those positive energies. By meditating you can spread peaceful serene waves throughout universe. Really it is an honor to be meditater or a medium of any positive energy. By being a medium you are able to spread peace, serene and positive energy waves. That means you are subconsciously spreading peace into the human hearts by staying at home only. Each and every cell is throbbing for evolution. Every individual as well each and every particle strives to achieve development. Meditation makes it easy. Meditative waves pave way to hasten the process of evolution Do this simple practice. Just mediate on the word Master CVV and you can feel the energy wave’s absorption into physical system and transmission to the whole universe.  CVV means (see, we, we), we see ourselves that is our inner self- the gateway to true absolute merry world. Words fail to describe that state. Neither I/you nor we/they exist. There is no religion, no rituals. Nothingness prevails.

Let us make a journey into the abode of serenity and let we be proud and honored to be meditaters of any energy pattern and spread silent revolution of peace. Let us be a part of universal positive transformation work to hasten evolution.

Amen Amen Amen